Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Status of Trading Calls

Call Dated June 01, 2009
Buy Bajaj Holdings & Investment

Buy Around: Rs.370-400
Target Rs:422-470-500
Stop Loss: Rs.355-340

Call Status: (CMP Rs.490)
First 2 Targets Achieved with in 2 sessions.
Book At least 60-70% Gains
Profit Return: 20%

Call Dated May 28, 2009
Buy Reliance Capital

Buy Around: 930-950
Target Rs.1060-1125
Stop Loss: Rs.845

Call Status: (CMP Rs.980)
None of the Targets Achieved till now.
Call remains Open.
If satisfied with 3% Returns, Sell 20% of the Stock held.

Call Dated May 25, 2009

Buy Around: Rs.190-194
Target Rs.225-240
Stop Loss: Rs.169

Call Status: (CMP Rs.203)
None of the Targets Achieved till now.
Call remains Open.
If satisfied with 7% Returns, Sell 30% of the Stock held.

Call Dated May 22, 2009
Buy Kalindee Rail (Investment + Trading Call)

Buy Around: Rs.125-140
Target: Rs.158-180
Stop Loss: Rs.120

Call Status: (CMP Rs.174)
1st Target of Rs.158 Achieved.
2nd Target of Rs.180 almost Achieved.
Call to Book 30% Profits at Rs.158 already given earlier.
Today At CMP Rs.174 Book another 30% Gains.

30% of stock sold at 17% Profits
30% of the stock sold at 30% Profits today.

The above strategy is for Traders.
Investors can sell 30% of the stock at CMP Rs.175 with a 30% Gains.
Remaining 70% to be held by investors for some more time at least.

Call Dated May 20, 2009

Buy Around: Rs.1900-2050 (Average Rs.2000)
Target: Rs.2300-2500
Stop Loss: Rs.1800

Call Status: (CMP Rs.2140)
None of the Targets Achieved as yet.
Call remains Open.
If satisfied with 7% Returns, Book 30% profits at CMP 2140.

Call Date May 20, 2009
Buy Videocon Industries (Investment + Trading)

Buy Around Rs.105-120
Target: Rs.150-160
Stop Loss: Rs.90

Call Status: (CMP Rs.193)
Sold 40% Profits at Rs.150
Sell another 30% Profits at Rs.193/- Today.

40% stocks sold at Rs.150 at 25% Returns
30% stocks sold at Rs.193 at 60% Returns.

The above call to sell is for Traders
Investors can hold on to this stock for long-term or
Sell 30% of stock held with 60% profits.

Call Dated May 14, 2009
Buy Gitanjali Gems (Investment Call)

Buy Around: Rs.45-75

Call Status: (CMP Rs.135)
Sell 30% of stock held at 70% Profits
Hold Remaining 70% as Investment.

Call Dated May 14, 2009
Buy Alok Industries (Investment Call)

Buy Around Rs.12-16

Call Status: (CMP Rs.26)
Sell 40% of stock at 90% Profits

Call Dated May 8, 2009
Buy Suzlon

Buy Around: Rs.68-74
Target Rs.92-111
Stop Loss: Rs.66

Call Status: (CMP Rs.157)
Both Targets Achieved
Book Maximum Gains.

Call Dated May 8, 2009

Buy Above 65
Target: Rs.72-89
Stop Loss: Rs.61

Call Status: (CMP Rs.119)
Both Targets Achieved.
Book Maximum Gains.

Call Dated April 24, 2009

Buy Above 82
Targets: Rs.95-109

Call Status: (CMP Rs.125)
All Targets Achieved
Book Maximum Gains.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Viral for your good short term picks...

I have followed your tips for last 1 month and gained a lot.

In last 1 month, we had a huge rally and most of the targets are achieved. Is this rally sustainable?

Santy said...

Hi Viral,

Though I am a long term investor , I am tempted to trade with the success of your trading calls over the last few weeks. Can you throw some light on the tax implications for trading. I believe we need to pay short term capital gains tax and STT and so on. If you could provide an example for this it would be great and encourage more people to trade.


Viral Rajnikant Dholakia said...

Dear Santy,

Short-term Trading Profits attract 15% Short-Term Capital Gains Tax as per current law. However, it may or may not be reviewed in the upcoming Budget. Wheras, Long-Term Gains ( from stocks held for Minimum 1 year) attract No Tax.

The Short-term Capital Losses are deductable from Short-Term Capital Gains.

Other all taxes like S.T.T., Service Tax, Education Cess, Higher Education Cess, Stamp Duty, T.O.T, etc. are applicable for all type of trades, long-term or short-term.



do you think the ongoing rally can go till 16000 in a short time after or before a correction ..
.it's said that this rally is bcoz of liquidity , now banks are going to give more loans and are cutting down intrest rates.more over govt. is going to recapitalised psu banks.
mutual funds and retail investors are also still sitting in huge cash ( economic times says so)

plus the market is filled with solid optimism...

the next big event is the budget , so what do you think can be situation , if the budget is quite friendly..

one more query

can u list out the stocks which will be most profitable due to the upa govt. and the budget..

thanks ( hope i didnt irritate u with these queries)


Viral Rajnikant Dholakia said...

Dear Abhay,

As pointed out by you, many of the factors have turned positive. But, that all is reflected in the current market valuations.

Also, most of the rally during the last fortnight is from excess liquidity. The markets have already factored in the Political Stability.

In fact, markets is running way ahead in its expectations from Budget announcements. So, dont build on much risk until Budget. Or even if you are long, remain cautious or cut some position before Budget.

It is largely possible that even a reasonably good budget announcement may not fall in line with market expectations built-in the current valuations.

jamesvaikom said...

people who talk about liquidity don't realize the fact that govt. only prints money and don't burn money. market won't have fallen last year if big players sitting on cash invested the cash. when market crashes, big players sitting on cash will invest cash and there will be liquidity. when market becomes over valued, big players will sell stocks and liquidity will dry. the problem with us is we don't like to sit on cash or invest in low return defensive stocks when market is over valued.